Editor Settings

Yay! This is a page dedicated to describing the long, tedious, and complex settings to use the editor. Hence, the name of this section. Nah, I promsie it won't be that bad. In fact, settings in Spck Editor are fairly straightforward (hopefully).


  • Animation: Enables or disables most CSS animations. Disable editor animations if they are running slow on your device. Results in better performance and faster transitions.

  • Theme: Changes the colors of the code editor. Dark and light editor theme are tied with this setting.


  • Check Syntax: Creates a web worker to check the syntax of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML files. Other languages may or may not be supported for syntax checking.

  • Font Size: Changes the font size of the code editor.

  • Indent Guides: Adds indent guidelines to the code editor for visual guidance.

  • Line Numbers: Toggles the line numbers in the code editor.

  • Tab Size: Changes the number of spaces a tab represents in the code editor.

  • Word Wrap: Toggles soft line wraps in the code editor.

Note: These settings affect both the main editor as well as the diff editor.


  • Touch Features: Toggles on and off all touch features. This includes touch primary keyboard, files touch mode, and other touch features for the code editor.

  • Extra Touch Keyboard: Toggles the extra touch keyboard which contains key options for common code keywords and symbols.

Note: These settings are only available on devices with a touch screen.


  • Live Preview: Toggles auto-refreshing in the preview iframe when file changes are made. This feature is not useful in the mobile version.


A section of the settings containing miscellaneous information about the editor. Contains the version information, and a link to report issues with the editor.

There is also an option to revoke privacy permissions granted to the app.

Warning: Revoking privacy information means removing all projects, files, and other user data that the app stores.