Spck Code Editor

Spck (pronouced as "spec") Editor enables you to work on JavaScript projects whenever, wherever. If its a new single-page app, a game, data visualizations, 3D simulations, or anything else that can be realized using the magic of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, Spck Editor hopes to be the code editor of your choice.

Android App

Spck Editor is currently available on Android. Chrome Store & iOS support are coming, but not yet ready. Meanwhile, if it's your first time here, feel free to checkout a list of features below.

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Features Overview


Code hints are an essential aid to mastering external libraries. They also offer a convenience in your own code, and provide incentives to better document code with JSDoc comment strings.


Make less typos with the awesome code completion provided by the editor. Code completions are handled by the awesome TypeScript libraries provided by VS Code.


The editor supports a variety of themes including XCode, Chrome, Dracula, Monokai, Ayu Mirage, and Ayu Light.


If you ever need to preview a Markdown file, you can do so right in the editor. Built upon the awesome Markdown-it library.


Export your changes right to your Github repo. If you need to make live edits to Github, you can do so right in the editor. The editor provides basic Github integration including code diffs, highlighted files with changes, pulling and committing.

Be sure to give it a try. Also please checkout our Github repos on more info on embedding Spck Editor in your own site as well as libraries that Spck Editor is built upon.


File diffing is an awesome feature that any great code editor with git integration needs. More features will be added to the code differ in the near future, for example, char-by-char diffs as well as in-place diff editting.

Import & Export Zip

An alternative to Github commits is exporting your project as a zip file. You can transfer your project to another device by the reverse operation of importing. Note that the exported file may have Unix-style newlines (meaning a single "\n" character instead of "\r\n", however, any proper code editor should handle this automatically in Windows.

Project-wide code searching is a useful tool for any JavaScript development. Navigating between files by keywords and refactoring are all made easier with an awesome fast search feature. There's still room to improve with the editor's search, so we need your feedback on any ideas to improve the editor!

Live Preview

Live previewing is a feature so essential, its barely worth mentioning. However... Spck Editor supports two modes of previewing, in a separate browser tab as well as an inline iframe for quicker edits-to-preview.

Additionally, previewing also work great in Spck Editor's mobile app. So if your interested in giving JavaScript development a try on your mobile device, be sure to download our mobile app.